Passionate about Electric Buggies since a decade!

Maini is the only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in India to manufacture buggies – Battery operated vehicles (BOV) – in the Bangalore facility. This facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, for design, development, testing, manufacturing, supply and after-sales support. Every component of the vehicle is designed, tested and manufactured to meet rugged conditions.

Over the last 11 years, the company has created a market for buggies in more than 21 different market segments, ranging from Government to Educational Institutions, from Hospitality to Healthcare, from Manufacturing to Realty, Railway Stations, Airports, Parks, and Zoos. Maini remains the pioneer for a host of customised solutions designed to meet specific applications. Today, Maini manufactures about 44 buggy variants for domestic and export markets.

Design & Ergonomics

Maini Buggies are thoughtfully designed, with ergonomics that make it comfortable and convenient. The smart design and engineering, combined with its state-of-the-art technology, makes Maini the most versatile, efficient, cost-effective and easily manoeuvrable buggy on campuses.

Maini offers the state-of-the-art AC Drive Technology in its buggies, which come with a host of advantages. When compared to the conventional DC Drive Technology, the AC Drive stands out.



The Quick Battery Change Mechanism feature is available as an option. This unique feature facilitates quick replacement of the drained battery with a charged battery set, thus enabling continuous operation without residual charge constraints.

Surface-Coated Frames

The body frames and the chassis frames are lightweight, shot blasted, powder coated, rust proof MS tubular structures, ensuring a robust design and styling. The body panels are crack-proof non-weathering ABS plastic, unlike FRP.


AC Drive - For unmatched efficiency

  • Lower maintenance since motor does not have carbon brushes
  • Brushless motor results in increased uptime of machine
  • Ensures longer operating time between consecutive battery charges, thereby offering more rounds per charge, thereby minimising the vehicle’s carbon footprint
  • Generates less heat and hence consumes less power for cooling
  • Reduces stress on battery and hence improves battery life
  • Eliminates source of spark
  • The whisper-quiet AC motor technology is universally appreciated for its unmatched efficiency

Electronic controller for efficiency & order

Unique SLOPE RESTRAIN feature – the buggy stops on gradients when accelerator and brake are disengaged, before cruising at controlled low-speed. The programmable speed for acceleration and deceleration can be set from a minimum of 5 to 30 km/hour. The Controller and motor come with built-in temperature sensors.



Maini can offer a completely customised cart to meet specific requirements of customers. Today, Maini manufactures electric medicarts that are used inside hospitals, fire safety carts with fire extinguishing equipment, airfield safety carts, military parade review vehicles, canteen service vehicles, high-end luxury personalised vehicles, railway platform food kiosk vehicles, a wide range of food and beverage vehicles, solar panel charged carts, and a whole range of cargo and standard passenger vehicles.


Heavy-duty deep discharge lead-acid batteries, plated or tubular battery options are present with the higher seating variants. These were indigenously developed by a reputed Indian manufacturer. The widespread service network in India ensures fuel through life.

Contemporary Styling

Contemporary design with 2000 different colour options. Utility and style-packed dashboard.